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About itsruss

Yo! My name is Russ. I'm a touring musician, sidelined from live gigs since the first Covid-19 shutdown. I love to write songs, rearrange cover songs, and improvise.

I'm also a producer, audio engineer, & composer - I create music for animations, film, TV, and radio.

When I'm not doing all that, I teach private music lessons and group classes!

All of the above has a tendency to trickle into my livestreams. I'm brand-new to Volume! I'm super excited to meet everyone, and have already caught dozens of amazing streamers!

I typically play a few evening shows (streams) per week usually starting around 9PM EST, and often follow them up with a late-night jam!

Head over to for more music, videos, and links to follow my socials and check out my Discord for updates to my streaming schedule!


Atlanta, GA, United States