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About Wreckingroom

Wreckingroom stage is the home of session drummer Brian McRae and online session site drumoverdubs.com The Wreckingroom studio is a unique recording studio set in beautiful Lyons, Colorado.
The Wreckingroom stage features #Songwriter #Jambands, #improv and #Jazz series. Look for featured shows with live musicians. 
Past Guests include:

Kyle Hollingsworth Band
Dan Navarro
John Magnie
Liz Barnez
Sally Van Meter
Thom Lafond
John Fishell
Taylor Shae
Jason Hann
Andy Falco of the Infamous Stringdusters
Ingrid Avison
Lionel Young
Jenny Shawhan
DJ Aaron Holstein with gogoLab
Tom Amend
The Black Swan Singers
Cody Carbone
Ari Melinger_Cohen
Rob Drabkin
Hazel Miller
Jock Bartley and Steven Weinmeister of Firefall
Billy Shaddox
Rob Pate
Organonymous (feat Scott Coulter)
Matt Flinner, Ross Martin and Eric Thorin
Kim Dawson
Ben Jordan
Cody Qualls
"Tune Up" Show
Wellington Bullings
Tune Up with Dave Daniels, Ben Holst, Jeremy Lawton, Paul McDaniel
Dan Hochman
Damian Smith
Eben Grace
Dave Tamkin
Bill Mckay
Garrett Lebeau
Dave Devine
Dechen Hawk
Jesse Garland
Daniella Katzir
Unison Duo
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